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''Dr. Zaki Law Associates helped in the recovery of my land near Lahore,  from illegal possession, I am living in USA and waited 10 long years until I found Dr. Zaki, thank you very much. I like my online account in which I was updated and my all documents were provided in it and still saved '' -  Ahsan, New York

''best advice with case law and statute references''- Zohaib, London

''Getting legal services online has provided great ease to a house wife like me, all my legal documents were posted at home and my court case has also been decided in my favour''  -  Lubna, Islamabad

''It is a great service for people like me who are doing full time job in Lahore, I just managed it on e-mail and just visited Dr. Zaki Law Assciates once'' - Salman, Lahore

''Dr. Zaki helped me in achieving my inheritance in Pakistan, which I would not be able to get while living in Birmingham'' - Mushtaq, Birmingham

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Pakistan Legal Advice is aimed at providing quality legal advice and we comply with all the applicable laws in Professional, Confidentiality and Client Service Laws in Pakistan, UK and USA

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Pakistan Legal Advice

Pakistan Legal Advice is a service by Dr. Zaki Law Associates, and is a innovation of ; Knowledge Math (Online Entrepreneurism), incorporated in USA, UK and Pakistan.