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Online Legal Services System - Pakistan's First
  You live in Pakistan or outside Pakistan, our online service system will help you to manage your case and get regular updates in your Online Client Account. You can start, manage and end your case from your computer/tablet or phone, you don’t even have to visit Court or come for meeting with the lawyers, as all can be done online, all your files and documents will be uploaded in your Online Client Account (OCA), Fill the Form Below to get in touch...
Online Client Account (Making Your Life Easy) ;
 We at Dr. Zaki Law Associates changing the legal services system of Pakistan, gone are the days when you need to run after your lawyers to higher the best one, follow them to appear in court, push them to give you the documents, pay them through delivering the cash. At Dr. Zaki Law Associates we have finished this era, see below how your case will be dealt through the Online Client Account ;
1. You contact us with a query/question through the form as mentioned below.
2. We will respond to your query within the next 10 minutes (if holidays within 4 hours). You will be advised free of cost. At the instant your Online Account is made and your all records are stored in it, including our answers and your questions.
3. You now wanted to go ahead with your case (Courts Case/Documents Drafting/other) ; you will provide the time line facts and upload your all documents relevant to your case.
4. Dr. Zaki Law Associate will invite you for the interview through online system in which you can see your lawyer and we can see you as well. Or if you want to visit, a time will be provided in our available offices in Pakistan, London or New York. Online Meeting is more efficient and can be arranged quickly.
5. In your online account you can see your lawyers previous performance and as well the License as being advocate.
6. Once your case documents are drafted (Suits/Applications/Replies/Contracts/Wills), it will be uploaded to your account by Dr. Zaki Law Associates, wherein you can see and download it. The documents are stored in your online account forever and will be part of the record.
7. All the courts case documents and order/Judgments will also be uploaded into your online account, which allows you to download it anytime. Further, latest status reports on each hearing will also be uploaded.
8. All the court expense and professional fees will also be shown into your account with receipts and invoices.
9. For Client support and response you will be provided with a local land line number for UK, USA and Pakistan (Universal Number) as per your location, wherein you can contact 24 hours and can be connected with your lawyer or Dr. Zaki Law Associates support team.
9. You can also make payments through Paypal, and our secure 3D Payment Terminal recognised by HSBC, Standard Charted Bank and Barclays.


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