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Client Name :  -------


Client ID : 21035


Case Title : Legal Advice on Female Only Daughters Inheritance


Documents Provided : Affidavit of Sale + Record of Rights


Case Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Zaki Ejaz

Assistant : Ms. Shela


Professional Legal Fee and Misc Expense : ---------


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Next Date of Hearing :  00/5/00                                 Status : Dr. Zaki Law Associates Arguments            

                                                                                                          Completed - Respondent Counsel

                                                                                                          Arguments Pending


Previous Hearing Status : 00/04/00


Lawyer Appearing in Your Case ; Dr. Zaki E.



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Your Query ;


My mother passed away. We are three sisters, our father is alive and my mother had 5 brother (one of them passed away before her). To our understanding, the legal heir of her property are I and my sisters, our father and her four brothers. Could you tell what will be the share of each party?

Kind regards,



Service Needed ;


''Legal Advice and Court Proceedings to recover the Inheritance Share wrongly distributed''



Legal Processing Route (Office Directions) ;


00/0/015 : The advice will be prepared as per the local/special applicable laws. This includes the all Land revenue Laws and Inheritance laws. Dr. Zaki Law Associates will contact the relevant authorities if needed (unless prohibited by client) via e-mail or letters, copies of which will be uploaded in the client account.


Client will be provided with the advice within 7 days of the instructions and all the relevant docs contained from the authorities and legal research section will be uploaded to the client account as well.


00/0/15 : Court Case be drafted and after approval from client be filed in relevant court. All the documents be uploaded in the client account immediately with court hearing status.

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