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Dr. Zaki Law Associate is a Pakistani Law Firm of high professional standard as available in UK and USA. We believe in innovation and have introduced in Pakistan the online legal services which can be availed from the touch of you Computer devices. In developing the Pakistan Legal Advice, Client satisfaction and comfort has been given priority. You will be provided with your own online Account (Online Client Account - OCA) in which all your Legal Documents such as Legal Notices, Court Orders, complete Case Files will be uploaded and preserved forever, which you can download any time as per your need, from anywhere in the world. If we are representing you in Court, we will upload in your OCA, the Status Report for the date of hearing, which you can view and download any time. 


We can represent you in Court, in any City of the Pakistan, and in all High Courts including Supreme Court of Pakistan. Whether You are Living in Pakistan, USA, UK, EU or any Part of the World, our OCA  will help you to manage your case. For USA, UK and Pakistan ;  we have liaison offices and Local Land Line numbers.


At Pakistan Legal Advice we provide you advice on base of exhaustive legal research and its 100% free initial advice. 



Pakistan Legal Advice is provided with reliance on statute and case law directly by legal professionals, under the supervision of one Senior Adviser


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We will send you the professionally drafted Legal Advice with Reliance on applicable Statute and Case Law , and for follow up questions the adviser will chat with you using our online mechanism ; this can be Text, Voice or Video chat.

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