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Pakistan Property Law
Protecting your legal rights in property in Pakistan is challenging and it becomes more difficult if you are overseas. We have made a mechanism to protect your property/inheritance interest, whether you are in Pakistan or Overseas. We advise on all aspect of property law in Pakistan. Whether you are buying a property, selling, renting, long leasing or dealing with a planning permission or inheritance situation, property law will govern it. It is always advisable to consult before dealing in a property transaction, which will protect and assure your rights without the need to seek Court remedy.
Our Adviser provide open time to our clients in discussing a legal situation in property law and provide timely written advice. And finally we can peruse it in Courts or before registrar. You are informed with all the documents/status in your online account where your documents are saved forever.

Our Property law advice is always based on Statutes and Case Law such as (not exhaustive list) ;​

​Statutes ;

Transfer of Property Act 1882

The Contract Act 1872


Cases ;

Muhammad Iqbal vs. Khair Din etc. (2014 SCMR 33)




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