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Pakistan E-Commerce and Telecom Laws
Pakistan E-Commerce Law
Pakistan internet selling’s industry is in its development stage, therefore, not many laws are in place to cover the necessary regulations. The selling/buying on the internet is governed under contract law of Pakistan and an ordinance called Electronic Transactions Ordinance. But still there are no laws of privacy and data protection which protect your personal information while buying a product on the website. As you provide all your personal details and bank card details to the seller/website. 
Any crime committed in E-Commerce will for now dealt according to the Criminal Law of Pakistan. And if a depute has arisen on sales products than it will be dealt in accordance with Contract Law, so if you have bought a product and you want to return, than remember ;
1. Any term which significantly imbalance the position of party in an agreement is void. That is ; if the seller on internet rejects your request to refund on faulty product.
2. Description should match the product otherwise you have right to refund.
3. Misrepresentation will void the agreement and you can request the refund.
4. For sellers, if terms are not imbalancing than sale would not be cancelled.
Pakistan Telecom and IT Laws
Pakistan telecom laws are regulated by different legislations. Over the years it has been developed in relief oriented tool, which have given more remedies in the hands of consumers and strict regulations for telecom sector.
Pakistan IT laws are also in place and specialised legislation has been incorporated to control the internet frauds.
We provide expert legal advice with reliance on statute and case laws on Pakistan Telecom and IT Laws.
Following is non exhaustive list of the E-Commerce, IT and Telecom Laws.
​Statutes ;
Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2002
The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance, 2007
The Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organization) Act, 1996


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