Pakistan Tenant and Landlord Law
Tenants and Landlord law is a provincial subject in Pakistan, and every province has its own legislation with separate enactment for the federal Capital Islamabad.

Contract Law remains the basis of the relationship between Tenant and Landlord with the provincial legislations being the regulatory element. A civil proceeding is initiated in case of dispute and Appeal lies in High Court and thereafter Supreme Court.
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​Statutes ;



Islamabad Rent Restriction (Amendment Act, 2014


Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009 


The Sindh Tenancy Act, 1950


The N.W.F.P Tenancy Act, 1950


Balochistan Tenancy Ordinance, 1978





Cases ;



Habibullah Energy Limited/Zonal Labour Union Lakhra and others vs. WAPDA through its 

Chairman and others (2010).


Ramzan and 5 others vs. Member, Board of Revenue and others (1991 CLC 2125).





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